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Frankfort Bottle Gas Inc

Frankfort Bottle Gas Inc is a propane company that fills a variety of tanks in the Frankfort, IN area.  We have been providing gas services for over 60 years.

Gas tank  - Frankfort, IN   - Frankfort Bottle Gas Inc

Learn More About Frankfort Bottle Gas Inc:

  • Fill home owned tanks
  • Fill all cylinder, grill, and bulk tanks with correct values
  • Furnace, water heaters, space heaters, stoves, gas logs, forklifts, dryers and agriculture

All of our drivers C.E.T.P trained and certified. We serve the Clinton and Boone counties. Bulk tanks available for lease. We provide a 24 hour emergency service.

Contact Frankfort Bottle Gas Inc today at 765-654-5935.

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Frankfort Bottle Gas Inc, 1555 McKinley Ave, Frankfort, IN 46041-1805
Frankfort Bottle Gas Inc

1555 McKinley Ave
Frankfort, IN   46041-1805

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